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re-rooted, repainted 1960 #4 ~ 007
repainted 1960 #4
repainted swirl ooak
re-rooted, repainted #4 ~ A Pirate's Wife
re-rooted, repainted #4 ~ swirl
re-rooted, repainted 1960 #4 ~ route 66
repainted Fashion Queen,  ooak Bild Lilli
repainted 1961 #5 ~ Scarlette
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repainted #5 ooak
Solution Graphics
repainted Swirl ooak
re-rooted, repainted #4 ~ swirl
re-rooted, repainted #3 ~ swirl
re-rooted, repainted #4 ~ swirl
repainted 1964 ponytail ooak
new hair, repainted 190 #3 ~ Snow
repainted #5 ~ooak
repainted BC ~ooak
repainted #3 ~ooak
repainted #5 ~ooak
new hair, repainted #3
repainted swirl ~ooak
repainted #5 ~ooak
new hair, repainted 1960 #3 ~ Orchid
re-rooted, repainted #4 ponytail
repainted, rerooted #4 ~ooak bild lilli
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repainted Bubble Cut ~ooak
About the artist:

Carol’s  1960’s  Barbies
I was a child of the sixties and of course couldn’t wait to have a Barbie Doll.
Born and raised in Michigan and I was seven when I owned my first 1960 Ponytail Barbie.
I now reside in Massachusetts and have been here since 1976.  During the 1990’s I decided to see what vintage Barbie dolls were on Ebay and of course I thought they were too much money.  I had an American Girl Barbie that was in bad shape and really got excited to find one on Ebay that looked exactly like mine.
That’s how it began, I was hooked on Barbie Dolls once again.  I learned how to re-root the hair on old vintage Barbies and dabbled with touching-up their face paint.  I met Mardie  "Heartwhisper” through Ebay and enjoyed doing re-roots for her as well.
In 2009 I saw an artist Silkstone Barbie Doll (circa 2000) repainted and re-rooted to look like a vintage1960 ponytail Barbie.  This artist was Rodger Haack.  I loved his workmanship and thought I would try my own rendition of a vintage ponytail using the “Silkstone” too.  The difference being, I would keep the existing hair of the doll and restyle it into the ponytail, curly bangs, wrapped top knot and hard bottom curl.  Now I’m repainting their faces as well as restyling their hair, they’re OOAK!
This is truly a fun hobby for me and earning small change for my retirement.
My best to all in the Barbie World!

Carol Schmaltz

About the Artist:

Katrina Kauffman is a Junior at Miami's New World School for the Arts where
she is one of the lucky few to be a part of the Fine Arts Magnet Program.
For one of her class projects last year she was inspired by her mothers
Barbie Doll Collection and decided to do some portraits of the dolls. If you
would like a portrait of your doll she will work on commission to create one
specifically for you or if you would like to get prints of one the six
original creations pictured here she is offering those as well.  For more
information please send an e-mail ehk228@bellsouth.net.

I was living in northern Thailand in the late 1960s when I received my first Barbie sent all the way from Virginia.  Although she had the most beautiful and extensive wardrobe painstakingly sewn by my Grandmother, I also longed for the outfits featured in the little catalog that came with every Barbie. 

Upon discovering the world of vintage Barbie in the late 90s I purchased some vintage Barbie sewing patterns just like the ones my Grandmother used all those years ago.   I also started collecting vintage outfits and dolls– at least the ones I could afford. 

I had been sewing for most of my life when I started using my vintage sewing patterns to create outfits for my rapidly growing vintage Barbie collection.  I started experimenting with reproducing the vintage Barbie outfits that I could not afford.   I soon found that construction techniques used in commercial Barbie patterns were quite different and cruder than the more streamlined techniques used by Mattel.   

To create a reproduction I will revise my pattern many, many times before I am happy with the result.  Searching for the correct fabrics and notions is another challenge.   Combining all my knowledge and resources to produce the OOAK outfits that Mardie features on her beautifully restored Barbies is a joy.

Tristin at Martha's Miniatures

About the Artist:
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re-rooted, repainted #4 ponytail
repainted #5 ~ooak
Snow White
repainted #3 ~ooak

re-rooted, repainted #3 ponytail
Welcome to Heartwhisper's ooak gallery. Please scroll down to the Art Market.
Below the gallery, in the art market are other artists I have worked with on clothing design and hair to create these unique dolls. Artists that make fine, tiny furniture and a special author (my brother) that are just worth a visit.
The photo gallery is Vintage 1960's Barbie dolls that I have repainted to one of a kind art dolls.Some of the dolls that were used, were dolls less fortunate than NRFB or minty condition. Dolls that were ready to be discarded because of bad haircuts or missing paint. Given a new look and ready for display in collections all over the globe! I occasionally take commissions for one of a kind dolls, if you have an idea to share, I would love to hear from you. ~mardie at heartwhisper
repainted & rerooted swirl ooak
repainted swirl ~ooak
About the artist:

Husband and Wife team, Jack and Julie, have taken their love of Art, Vintage Barbie
and the 1960's and created what they call "Tiny Furniture".  For the past several years
they have been creating tiny works of art in the form of real working lighted Lamps and furniture
for the Vintage Barbie lover.
As a retired couple living in Florida, they spend much of their time creating and designing Tiny  furniture keeping the Mid-Century Modern in mind.  Each individual piece is handcrafted.  They will  accept special requests.  Many of their items can be found on their ebay page at FREESTYLENOW
    You can also reach them at  JS1994323@gmail.com

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About the author/artist: Kevin Shuey

Along the way Kevin has been a carpenter, factory worker, mailman, plumber, military logistician, and a teacher. He has traveled extensively, living in Japan, England and Italy.
Studying meditation and other spiritual practices from traditions all over the world led Kevin to new ways of thinking about the connections between spirit and nature.

Laughter of Water, Wisdom of Trees is a collection of more than fifty of Kevin's poems written over several decades. The pieces reveal landscapes his life's journey has taken him through, both in his outer life and his inner one. He views the poems as scratches on trees that mark his way, showing both places of rest and places of struggle, as he works to reveal the unity disguised as infinite interconnectivity.

Kevin A. Shuey
Art Market
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