Welcome!  My name is mardie. I presently live in North Carolina. I have been a portrait photographer and artist by trade for most of my adult life. One of my real pleasures is restoring and photographing vintage 1960's ponytails. I work with preservation and original condition of the doll in mind. All of my painting is done by hand, as close to original as possible. Any restoration changes made to Barbie, such as repainting, should be disclosed upon resale. Any paint applications that are done at Heartwhispers are done with liquitex removable acrylics. I do careful cleaning, repainting and hair, wraps and soft curls. I appreciate the untouched and original. I buy, sell and collect vintage ponytails. I am also up for trades for services, ponytails preferred. So, if you have dolls for sale or trade, please email me at  Heartwhispers58@aol.com
Thanks for coming, enjoy your visit!

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1960 #3
1960 #3
1961 Titian one of a kind
1960 #4
1958 #1
My photography seen on the National Geographic channel, a segment on vintage Barbie in Fea Man.   ~mardie
#2 Vintage Ponytail
""A Doll's World" magazine 2009
A Heartwhisper from the US
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