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I was born in Japan in 1958 into a USAF military family. It is interesting to me that in Japan, at that time, Mattel was beginning the production of the first Barbie and her wardrobe was being designed by Charlotte Johnson in Tokyo.
My father proudly served in the United States Air Force for thirty years. As a military brat, I have lived all over the United States. My mother bought my first Barbie for me when I was about six years old at the thrift store on base, a beautiful brunette #5.  My mother was a wonderful artist. She painted all her life, quite an inspiration, she was still painting at 97.
  I love pottery, colored glass and gardening. I also like to take old pieces of furniture and bring them back to life. Oh, and miniatures, which might explain my obsession with vintage Barbie clothes. I have a great appreciation for collecting old things and the charge they hold and give, whether it's because it takes me to another time or because I resonate with the person who loved and owned it.
Things just fell into place and I started restoring vintage Barbie's. I appreciate the untouched and original. The fashions come and go. I do have my favorites. Vintage Barbie, for now, is my passion. I collect it, buy it and sell it.  I managed to hang on to my childhood Barbie, the thrift store brunette #5. Francie went to Europe (sold) and I have been trying to replace her ever since. Of course, my TNT needed a piece to her original swim suit...and I was off. I am a vintage Barbie collector. For the last several years, one of my real pleasures is restoring and photographing ponytails.
About Heartwhisper
I have an in home office/studio a time lacking in truth and certainty and filled with anguish and despair, no woman should be shamefaced in attempting to give back to the world, through her work, a portion of its lost heart. ~ Louise Bogan
Abilene,Texas early 1960's (me)
Mom & I in Italy for our Birthdays, Mom at the tender young age of 80.
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Our Crib
Mom's studio ( she is in! ) update 07/01/2011
The Garden in Between
Don't Forget the Music!
I am not sure of any thing, like I am SPRING in North Carolina, it starts rumbling under my feet, and then it explodes into chartreuse and maroon baby leaves everywhere. Cool mornings, with coffee on the deck, the birds picking the places to nest, makes life worth living for this girl!

Today I live in the quiet, joyous expectation of good.
~ Ernest Holmen
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OK, it's the end of July now. Spring has waned. The corn is tall and it is time to think about the Fall. Time outside is more limited because of the heat and mosquitos. I wait in the evenings for the wonderful light shows of summer thunderstorms. I have been through two major hurricanes living in North Carolina, both were in the end of September. I get a little skittish during hurricane season, I love being able to pull up the radar and see what's up.
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'Lost an old friend during the winter. My best bud of 14 years. Awesome, very sensitive, humorous little scottiedog.
Winter...well, not my favorite time of the year. I get thru by looking forward and counting the weeks until Spring. I do enjoy the fireplace ~
New pack member !  "Levon" our Pembroke Welsh Corgi.